Vuorela Reform School







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Founded in 1891, Vuorela Reform School is a state reform school on the west bank of Hiidenvesi in Vihti. The large property includes dozens of buildings for different ages. The area is on the list of nationally significant building environments (RKY area).

Opistola was completed in 1902 as the main building of the reform school. The designer was architect Hugo Lindberg under Sebastian Gripenberg. Opistola represents the end of the neo-renaissance era and emphasized hygiene and fire safety.

The building has retained its original use throughout its lifespan, and the façade and historically significant interior spaces have been well preserved. In addition to the study facilities and the 5-person housing unit, the building has a kitchen, dining hall, and gym / ballroom that serves the entire campus.

The comprehensive renovation of Opistola was carried out in accordance with the principles of building protection and in consultation with the National Board of Antiquities. For example, a previously demolished wood balcony was returned to the east side, and the valuable original appearance of the gym / ballroom was preserved. The building use remained unchanged, but the facilities and their location were designed to better serve the needs of today’s reform school operations.