Rettig headquarters renovation


Design in collaboration with Rune & Berg interior architects


Rettig Group Ltd



Size br-m²


The building is located along the Boulevard street, which is a nationally significant built cultural environment. The interior of the building was completely renovated in 1988 according to the plans of Professor Juhani Katainen, and it was executed with materials and a style typical of that time. The interior of the building, such as doors and railings, were from this era.

In this repair and alteration work, the interior of the building was completely renovated to meet the needs of a modern office space. The extension works cover part of the basement and the 1st floor, as well as the facilities on the 2nd to 4th floors. The walls of the lobby of the main building were demolished to achieve a more spacious and bright space. In connection with the renovation work, the fire compartments were reorganized to streamline the building’s operations.