Kontula Rescue Station


Rescue station


City of Helsinki



Size br-m²


The Kontula rescue station is located between the metro line and Kontulantie, in the vicinity of Ring 1. The station will have fire suppression resources, a tank unit and an ambulance station. The building is a 3-storey new building with a gross area of 2390 m2.

The building mass divides the plot into two parts: the public entrance and parking spaces to the north, and the vehicle yard to the south, which also houses an annex with fueling stations, waste room and bicycle parking facilities.

The ground floor of the building houses the equipment and washing halls, operational staff and technical facilities as well as the fire inspectors´ offices and a public lecture hall.

The accommodation facilities for the staff, the kitchen and dining areas, lounges and the gym including a sauna are located on the second floor.

A large sports hall that can be rented for outside use, is located on the top floor.

Viewed from both from the metro line and from the direction of Kontulantie the character of the building is distinctive for a public edifice. The high sports hall floor takes shape as a wood-covered, sculptural mass above the surrounding buildings.