Passenger entry hall, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport


Interior Design and renovation, Competition 1st Prize in collaboration with Rune & Berg Design





The design intent offers a unique and personal passenger experience to Finavia’s customers by highlighting the path associated with a magical forest. The forest experience seeks to calm the mind, creating a moment in the heart of nature so that travellers can refresh both body and mind.

Inspired by Sibelius, we have chosen the magic of Finnish forests as the main theme of our service. The traveller accesses the forest experience through an app, a 360-degree media display and a customer experience that takes all the senses into account.

We proposed a concept that highlights the Finavia brand and its values (Rejuvenation, Peace of Mind, Gift of Time and Nordic Experiences). Our proposal considered the needs and quality of the airport environment as well as scalability. Our story offers a large number of passengers the opportunity to have fun, shop, use services and share their experiences.