Savilahti Sports and Event Center




City of Kuopio



Size br-m²

13 780

The Savilahti sports and event center is located on Neulamäki, on the western edge of the developing district of Savilahti, in a former depot of The Finnish Defense Forces. The center will include versatile sports services and assembly spaces for 2,500 people. The underground facilities also function as the area’s civilian shelter space for 6,790 persons.

The sports and event center is mainly carved into the bedrock of Neulamäki. By expanding the tunnels of a former army depot, a large, unified space was formed underground. In the northern part of the building is Hall 1, where large events and international level volleyball competitions will be organized. At the opposite south end is Hall 2, where three fitness studios and a gym are spread over two floors. The changing rooms and technical facilities are located in the middle of the building on three floors.

The most visible part of the center for the visitor is the 550 m2 entrance building, which includes reception and cafeteria facilities and offices. The facades consist of curved and perforated elements of different sizes. A collective work of art called Pulssi by artists Pasi Rauhala and Jaakko Niemelä is executed on the surrounding rockface. The facade perforation and lighting are adjusted to form a coherent whole with the artwork.