Sara Hildén Art Museum


Architectural Competition



Architectural Competition for the Sara Hildén Art Museum / “Kudos”

The new Sara Hilden Museum infills a missing piece in the urban fabric of Tampere’s Finlayson area. The core urban idea of the design is to expand and open the adjacent park area to the townspeople. The new museum continues the existing urban grid pattern and defines the urban space to form a new art square.

The building´s outer shell enhances pedestrian connections between the museum, park, Tammerkoski rapids, and the city center. The lobby space is an open public space that acts as an extension of the streetscape. Above the open ground level, the exhibition spaces are wrapped with an multicolored brick weave as a reference to the city´s industrial history.

The new museum is designed both as an art experience and a vehicle for the visitor to view the environment from new angles.